The Acts of Alabama in Color (Index)

Have you ever been genealogically possessed? Driven to do research that has no pay off in additional ancestors or money. Sometimes we do things for unknown reasons, but one thing that you do know is that you must do it. It must be done right now.

One possession, which I will share with you, is the night that I found the Acts of Alabama online. This was exciting because of information that I learned in 2004, at Samford University’s IGHR. Dean Spratlin of Bullock County, was a faculty member in Course 8, Researching African American Ancestors. He presented copies of emancipations from the Acts of Alabama. Then in 2005 at Samford, Christine Rose stated that it is important to understand the laws during the time period that you are researching, as they pertain to land, wills, etc.

When I found this wonderful online information I was compelled to look further. Personally, I wanted to understand how these acts affected people of color. After reading through a few sessions, I was sucked in. I had to pull everything dealing with people of color. The result became a 38 page MS Word document. Most of the information pulled pertains to emancipations.

Below is an alphabetical index of the information that I extracted from the Act of Alabama online. Future blogs will include the details, also found at the web site above. If there is a particular person or subject of interested make a comment and I will move that post ahead.

Abercrombie, Leonard—Alexander—Amelia—Amelia Ann—Andre, Romeo—Anna—Baldwin county—Baptiste, John—Barnard, Ulysses J.—Baudin, Harriet—Baudry, Augustus—Bernody, Registe—Bethaney, John—Betsey—Bibb county—Billy—Blake, William—Blount county—Bracy, John D.—Bracy, Melleville—Brandon, Jarret—Carmelete—Catherine—Catiche—Celine—Cesar—Chastang, Bazile—Chastang, Pierre—Ciriah—citizen by treaty (Spain)—Clarissa—Clarke county—Colin, Augustine—Colin, Honore—Commons, Robert—Constitution, schooner—Courtland—Cox, Peyton—Creagh, John G.—creole population—Cyrus—Dallas county—Daniel—Delia—Dickinson, David—Divin, John S—Dubroca, Jane—Dupree, William E.—Eldridge, John R. B.—Eliza—Elizabeth—Elsey, James—Emily—Ernest—Evans, China—Fagan, Peter—Fanny—Farrer, Mahala—Fellows, John—Fletcher, Rebecca—Florida—Fostin—Franchonette—Francis—Francois—Francoise—Franklin county—Frenier, Fermin—Frenier, John—Frozend—Gadstith—Gamaliel—George—Gertrude—Grayson, Abraham—Grayson, Ambrose—Grayson, Benjamin—Grayson, Elizabeth—Grayson, Fuller—Grayson, Mary—Grayson, Sarah—Greene county—Hannah—Hays, William—Honore, Ursan—House, Anne D.—Howze, Isham R.—Howze, Susan B.—Isidore—Jacob—Jane—John—Johnson, Jacob—Johnson, Thomas—Johnston, James—Journin, Joseph—Judah—Kennedy, Cesar—Kennedy, Mary Ann—Lacoste, Auguste—Lavinia—Lawrence county—Lemone—Lemuel—Leones, Francoise—Letitia—Lewis, Jack—Limestone county—Long, Robert—Louisa—Louisiana treaty—Loyd, Thomas—Lydia—Madison county—Madison County—Malone, Sarah—Margaret—Margurete—Maria—Marian—Marie—Martha—Martin, Fanny—Mary Anne—Mary-Ann—McBroom, William—McGee, Dixon—McGee, Jane—McGee, Lynn—McGee, Nancy—McGee, Peggy—McGee, William—McRae, D. R. W.—Mead, Lemuel—Mileysertte—Millescent—Mitchell, Frank—Mitchell, Margueritte—Mitchell, William—Mobile—Mobile county—Monroe county—Moreau—Morgan—Nancy—Nannette—Neale, John P.—Ned—negro stealing—negroes,place of selling—Nicholas, Leon—Nicholas, Silvan—Noah—Norris, David—Parker, William R.—Passiano, Charles—Passiano, Francis—Patience—Patione—Peter—Philip—Phillips, George—Pope, Nicholas—Poston, James—Powell, William A.—punishment for crimes—Rachel—Ragland, Thomas—Rawlins, John—Rays, Reuben—Reed, Daniel—Reid, Daniel—retailing spiritous liquors—Richardson, Richmond—Richmond—Robin—Robinson, John—Rose—Rossell—Rozetta—runaway slaves—Sam—Sarah—Seremise—slave sales, taken in execution—slave trade—slave, executed—slaves imported—slaves, illegal importation—slaves, importation of—slaves, sale days—Soto, John—Spaniard, John—Susan—Tate, Caleb—Taylor, Gilbert D.—Taylor, Henry—Taylor, John—Thener—Thermon, Joshua—Thomas—Tom—Tracey—trial of Slaves—Tucker, Sophia—Tuscumbia—Tuskaloosa county—Venus—Walker, Wm.—Walton, Killis—Washington county—Wilcox county—William—Willis—Woods, Bailey M.—Wright, Thomas—Ylaris, Joseph—

View the Acts of Alabama found online are from the territorial period until 1828.


  1. Deanna Ramirez said

    I am intrested in the information you have found on James Poston. This is my ggggrandfather. He was of creek indian descent but no more is known on him.

  2. Almongem said

    ford albuquerque

  3. Dee said

    I am really interested in the name James Powell. I am a descendant of Cuffie Powell and Ellen Edwards. THey both lived in Eufaula Alabama in 1880

  4. Dee said

    Sorry, I misread the info. The name is actually William A. Powell. Thanks

  5. Sonya said

    I am interested in the information that you found on the McGee’s. My family is the originally from Coosa County.

  6. al carroll said

    I am interested in finding all of the people that belong to my family.Nomatter how distant because family is family.all are probaly from White Males and Black Females.Their names are Jake Butler born in Moulton Ala. Edward Butler UNK as to Parents,Peter Carroll son Will.If any one can help please

  7. Elaine Chapman said

    My maternal grandmother, Ellen Hare Williamson, was of the Creek heritage according to information that I have received as of today. She married Jefferson Davis Williamson of Clarke County, Alabama. If any one has any further information, please e-mail me at

  8. Tabitha said

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