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Laura Davis

In July 2006, Kim Williams (Chicago) responded to my post on Elijah and Becky
Davis.  Since that time, it has taken us almost a year to actually talk and
share information. Kim was looking for a connection to a Morrell Marshall whose
mother was Laura Davis.  During the conversation, she explained that an aunt and
her daughter had passed away within a month of each other.  Unfortunately, we
did not find any family names in common to confirm a relationship.

A day later, I received an inquiry from a Jennie (Chicago) who had seen
the same post and was also looking for a connection to a Laura Davis.  I emailed
her my phone number.  Jennie called within two days and during the conversation
mentioned that her mother and sister had passed away within a month of each
other.  She was also looking for a Morrell Marshall whose mother was Laura
Davis.  Could this be the same family that Kim was speaking of?

Jennie had her mother’s phone book and stated that her mother had written
“cousin” by some of the names.  Jennie read a couple of names, Charles and Elisha “Honey”, and addresses. The addresses were the homes of my grandfather’s
brother and his son.  She then mentioned a name (Noble Davis) that I had never
heard. Since I knew Elisha’s daughter, Cora (80+), who also lives in Chicago
still at the same address that Jennie had, I did a 3-way call and asked her
about Noble.  Sure enough, she knew Noble as a family member.  Halleluiah!!
Cora’s confirmation connected our families to each other. I also learned that Kim and Jennie were related and that Kim was speaking of Jennie’s mother and sister as the person who had passed away.

A few days later, I talked to Kim again and confirmed that we were related.  I have
sent them my family tree, what I have written on Elijah and Becky and a picture
and story on Elisha. What a coincidence that two people from Chicago would
contact me via this post within a couple of days of each other looking for the
same person.  They have never visited Barbour County, AL. We have made a promise to talk again soon and to visit together.

The family line is as follows:
Elijah and Becky Davis had a daughter named Laura Davis.  Laura had a daughter
named Morrell Marshall (Father unknown).  Laura married Sam Boykin and Billy Booker. She moved to Meridian MS.  where she remained until her death.  Morrell Marshall married Ben Langston
(Langton) and had seven children (John Henry, James, Jessie, Willie Mae,
Benjamin Earl, Evalina and Laura.

We are still looking for descendants of sisters, Sama and Margaret.

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