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Barbour County Marriage Book: The Missing “C”s

'Very early in my Barbour County research history I came across a book called Barbour County, Alabama Marriages Licenses 1838-1930, by Warrine Hathaway.  I had not visited Barbour county, so this was a great find.  Eagerly I flipped to the Introduction to ascertain the origin of this information.  Great, I thought, it comes from the courthouse as opposed to newspapers. Additionally it appears that Hathaway looked at the marriage license.  Wonderful, I thought.  Now I can pull the information on my ancestors and look for the licenses when I go to Alabama.

Well the day finally arrived; I was going to take my first trip to Alabama.  My research buddy Diane and I were seated on one of the last planes to leave Philadelphia on that March morning.  A massive snow storm was beginning to blanket the Delaware Valley.  We, however, were heading for the runway.  There was a brief delay to de-ice the plane, but soon we were airborne, looking down smiling, because we just made it out.  Read the rest of this entry »

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