Fluellen Decendants

Looking for descendants of Rebecca Fluellen Davis of Springhill, AL (Barbour Co.)
Married Elijah Davis. Family is on the 1866 Colored Population Census and the 1870 and 1880 census.


  1. chestang pierre said

    I am a decendent of pierre chastang, I would like to know my history, he came over from france and stettle on mont louie island in moble alambama

  2. B J of CHAFEs Ministries said

    March 24, 2011

    Dear Alabama Genealogy Color:

    Relations have traced what might be family Steven-Hubbard-Thomas-Stanford lines from the Caribean, Jamaken Isands to the America. Over the last year and a half I have be introduced to Islanders who cuold be relatives with the some of the same last family names, and some of their stores match. In the futur I would like to learn more about our my families roots, Can you give me some informatin about the slave families of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Bermingham and Eufaula, Alabama? Can you tell me what the slave connection is between the old families of Stanford University and those who foundered it, and the Hubbard Law School of LSU in the New Orleans and Baton Ruoge, Louisana. Records are hard to read, and some times hard to find? As a Genealogoy web page can you tell me what I should be looking for?

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