Alabama Genealogy 7 is a group of family history researchers with African Amercian Alabama ancestry.  Together we will share the triumphs and trials of our personal research.  We will post our family history, reunion information, photos and information of general interest to those researching Alabama. 

Emily E. Davis:  Researching (Barbour) Davis, Dean; (Bullock) Berry, Davis, Dean, Greenwood, Renfroe, Stinson, Tabor; (Covington) Ford, Williams, (Dale) Greenwood, Renfroe; (Macon) Renfroe, Stinson.

Frazine Taylor: Researching (Elmore) Benson, Blow(e), Harrington, Jones, Monroe, Sampson, Taylor, Thrasher; (Montgomery) Hobson, Hopson, King, Long, Ward,

Shamele C. Jordon: Researching (Barbour) Burlong, Craddock, Daniels, Frazier, Hart, Stanford; (Bullock) Burlong

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