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Eight Slaves Emancipated in Clarke County

Below is an extract from the Acts of Alabama, 1818 to 1828, found online.  This is one of many Acts pertaining to people of color that will be posted on this blog. The original documents are at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, AL. 

An act to authorize John Bethaney to emancipate certain slaves therein named.

SECTION 1. BE enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Alabama, in General Assembly


convened, That John Bethaney of the county of Clarke be, and he is hereby authorized to emancipate the following slaves to wit: Lydia, a black woman, thirty-five years old; Eliza, a mulatto, aged twenty-three; Elizabeth, a mulatto, aged nineteen; William, a mulatto, aged seventeen; Daniel, a mulatto, aged fourteen; Amelia, a mulatto, aged seven, Margaret, a mulatto, aged three; and Lemuel, a quarteroon, aged one year, so soon as the said John Bethaney shall have executed to the justices of the county court of Clarke and their successors in office, a bond with sufficient security, to be approved by the said court; conditioned, that the aforesaid slaves shall never become chargeable to the state of Alabama, or any county or town therein.


Speaker of the House of Representatives


President of the Senate

Approved-November 27th, 1819

(Signed) WM. W. BIBB

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