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The Acts of Alabama in Color (Index)

Have you ever been genealogically possessed? Driven to do research that has no pay off in additional ancestors or money. Sometimes we do things for unknown reasons, but one thing that you do know is that you must do it. It must be done right now.

One possession, which I will share with you, is the night that I found the Acts of Alabama online. This was exciting because of information that I learned in 2004, at Samford University’s IGHR. Dean Spratlin of Bullock County, was a faculty member in Course 8, Researching African American Ancestors. He presented copies of emancipations from the Acts of Alabama. Then in 2005 at Samford, Christine Rose stated that it is important to understand the laws during the time period that you are researching, as they pertain to land, wills, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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