Elijah & Becky Davis

My Davis ancestors can be traced back to the 1870 Population Census for Barbour County, Alabama.  On this census, Elijah is listed as 54 years of age, which would indicate that he was born circa 1816. The census further lists Georgia as his birthplace.  Although Georgia is listed as Elijah’s place of birth, various family members have stated they heard that he came from the West Indies.

The slave trade with Africa was supposedly abolished in 1808; however, we know this was too profitable a business for some as well as a way to provide free labor to wealthy farmers. As a result, traders continued to bring slaves into the country via Cuba and South America.

The unknown history of my ancestors generate many questions for me. Was Elijah a slave or free person of color? Was he sold into slavery in Africa and bought to the West Indies or was he born into slavery in the West Indies? Was he sold to a slave trader or to a plantation owner?  How did he get to the United States? Did he purchase his own freedom or was he manumitted? Did he become a free person with emancipation?

The 1870 census identifies Elijah’s wife as Becky, born in Virginia.  This information also raises many questions such as how and where did they meet? But most importantly how did they end up in Springhill, AL (Barbour County-Township 12 Range 28)?

Elijah and Becky had at least six children born in Alabama starting circa 1855. They were Margaret,  Laura, Henry, Sama, Charles, my great grandfather, and William. 




    • Janice said

      My mom comes from truhla Mississippi. Her moms name rosie davis her brothers name was monroe davis my

  2. K. Williams said


    I truly believe that we are related. After reading your comments I am convience that Laua (Davis) whom you listed as your great grandfather’s sister is my great, great, great grandmother. I know that my great, great, great, great grandparents are Elijah and Rebecca “Becky” Davis from Barbour County AL. They are listed on the 1870 Barbour County Census. I have heard stories that Rebecca “Becky” was mulatto. I am currently tracing my families history and ran accross you note while trying to find out more about Eufala, AL.

    K. Williams

  3. ray nwamb said

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  4. vicki comer betsill said

    I am looking for my ancestral family in elmore and coosa counties, my grandmother was queenie victoria zeigler.born 1902 to Maggie Baker and Jene/gene zeigler. in the 1910 federal census it is hard to discern the name jene. Queen married Wallace Comer (1901-1934) of Barbour,Eufaula Ala, about 1921-22)Maggie Baker was born ( 1884-1943) to Frank Baker and Malinda. Malinda died somewhere between 1886-1900. frank Baker’s oldest daughter Zadie Baker Fiber b.1875? was listed with the family .Other siblings were bros. Thomas (1882-83) Johnb.1887,George b.1891 and Lily b.1896. Maggie and Thomas both moved to Pittsburgh,Pa. sometime between 1919-1921.Thomas worked for Lockhart Steel in Mckees Rocks Pa. Maggie may have remarried in Alabama to Lewis Robinson before moving to Pittsburgh,anyway she was known to be his wife.My father is Wallace Watt Comer b.Nov.30,1924. He is the grandson of Watson and Carrie Wallace Comer ,Greatgrandson of Henry and Rebecca Comer,slaves of Old Springhill,Barbour County. I would love to make contact with any ancestral cousins

    • alison austin said

      Hello Vicki I am your cousin. I am the great great great grand-daughter of Rebecca and Henry Comer. Rebecca and Henry gave birth to Sim Comer. Sim had 4 girls and 2 boys. Sim’s oldest daughter Estelle Comer (Cochran) gave birth to Bertha Kate Cochran (Williams). Estelle and Bertha moved to Birmingham, AL. Bertha gave birth to Maxine Audrey Williams. Bertha and Maxine moved to Detroit, MI in 1947. I am the daughter of Maxine.

      • Emily said

        Hi Alison
        I will forward your reply to Vicki just in case she does not receive it. Her email address is fourtori@comcast.net. I know she will be glad to hear from you.


      • Emily said

        Where do you currently live?

      • Victoria said

        Hi Allison
        It is wonderful to find a COMER cousin. I wonder if you know my detroit COMER cousins. Michelle Comer Abney/. She was just here with me, My Dad Wallace Watson Comer passed on March 28, 2010. Michelle , her husband Marvin and sister Pam travelled to Pittsburgh, Pa. to be with me and my three sisters. Michelle is daughter of Sandy Comer(male) granddaughter of Jim Comer . Sandy Comer still lives in Eufaulia along with three of his brothers living close by. the oldest brother Jonathan (called Joe) lives in Indiana. the only sister Rosa lives in Chicago. Do you know anyone from this branch of the family. Oh!! Sim’s Sister Amanda married Joe DREWERY and a branch of their family lives here in Pittsburgh. Kent Williams lived in Detriot/the Southfield Area. Sadly he passed away this past year. Please email me we must meet

  5. Marilyn said

    There is a Powell Edwards Family Reunion this year (2008) in Eufuala, Alabama (Barbour County). Memorial Day Weekend 2008.

  6. Emily Davis said

    The Davis-Dean and Tabor-Berry Family Reunion will be held July 18-20, 2008 in Atlanta, GA. I recently connected to some of my Dean family members and I am looking forward to formally meeting them at the reunion. The Davis and Dean families are from Barbour and Bullock Couties and the Tabor-Berry families are from Bullock County.

  7. Jennie said

    Laura Davis (daughter of Elijah and Rebecca) was my mother of my grandmother, Morrell Marshall. Laura was married to Billy Booker and Sam Boykins. She had children by both. Laura moved from Eufala to Meridian, Ms. where she is buried. There are members of the Davis lineage now residing in Chicago.

  8. Emily Davis said

    The Barksdale Massey Family Reunion
    “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed”-Genesis 12:3
    July 25-27, 2008
    Eufaula Alabama
    Reunion Chair: 724-346-0459
    Local Event Coordiator 334-688-8594

  9. Emily said

    In July 2006, Kim Williams (Chicago) responded to my post on Elijah and Becky Davis. Since that time, it has taken us almost a year to actually talk and share information. Kim was looking for a connection to a Morrell Marshall whose mother was Laura Davis. During the conversation, she explained that an aunt and her daughter had passed away within a month of each other. Unfortunately, we did not find any family names in common to confirm a relationship.

    A day later, I received an inquiry from a Jennie (Chicago) who had seen
    the same post and was also looking for a connection to a Laura Davis. I emailed her my phone number. Jennie called within two days and during the conversation mentioned that her mother and sister had passed away within a month of each other. She was also looking for a Morrell Marshall whose mother was Laura Davis. Could this be the same family that Kim was speaking of?

    Jennie had her mother’s phone book and stated that her mother had written “cousin” by some of the names. Jennie read a couple of names, Charles and Elisha “Honey”, and addresses. The addresses were the homes of my grandfather’s brother and his son. She then mentioned a name (Noble Davis) that I had never heard. Since I knew Elisha’s daughter, Cora (80+), who also lives in Chicago still at the same address that Jennie had, I did a 3-way call and asked her about Noble. Sure enough, she knew Noble as a family member. Halleluiah!! Cora’s confirmation connected our families to each other. I also learned that Kim and Jennie were related and that Kim was speaking of Jennie’s mother as the person who had passed away.

    A few days later, I talked to Kim again and confirmed that were related. I have sent them my family tree, what I have written on Elijah and Becky and a picture and story on Elisha. What a coincidence that two people from Chicago would contact me via this post within a couple of days of each other looking for the same person. They have never visited Barbour County, AL. We have made a promise to talk again soon and to visit together.

    The family line is as follows:
    Elijah and Becky Davis had a daughter named Laura Davis. Laura had a daughter named Morrell Marshall (Father unknown). Laura later married Billy Booker and Sam Boykin. She moved to Meridian MS. Morrell Marshall married Ben Langston (Langton) and had seven children (John Henry, James, Jessie, Willie Mae, Benjamin Earl, Evalina and Laura)

    We are still looking for descendants of sisters, Sama and Margaret.

  10. I’ve learned that the following Davis’ are cosins to my mother, Laura Langston-Easton: Nobel Davis, Honey Davis, Mac Davis. Also Boykins: Judge and Webster are related to Laura Davis, daughter, of Elijah and Rebecca.

  11. Norma Montgomery said

    Hi Emily I would like to get a copy of the family geneaology….also my phone number is 630-270-6707!!!Thanks!!!

  12. Emily said

    Hi Norma

    Thanks for your request. The website includes most of what I know about the early history of our family. I am currently trying to locate new family members to fill in the blanks. Any information or family trees you can help gather would be appreciated. Send me your email address and I will send you my family tree.

  13. sollie s. davis said

    can you tell me any thing about the john davis and mary mincy family out of jose pike, barbour,clio, alamaba? my father is died in 1948 in daphne, alabama.
    he had two brothers, john and lee connie davis and sisters were welther davis, vashti davis, and there may more i dont know. my grandfather john davis he was from north carolina, then moved to jose pike, al then to faulks, barbour, al. then to loxley and robertsdale, and baldwin county al. where he died. there is a large family of grands and great grands and great great grands. also related to yelling and bolars, taylors others. please give me some input if you can. i live in tuscaloosa, al. e-mail address is above.
    thank you
    sollie s. davis jr.

    • kenneth jenison said

      Sollie. S. davis

      searching for anscestors of

      Jessie Vashti Davis who married John David Porter

      • Emily said

        Hi Sollie

        Unfortunaekly, none of these names are familiar to me.
        I will keep them in mind as I search for my family.
        You may contact me directly at emily5505@aol.com

      • gaye said

        hi, my name is Gaye, and jessie Vashti Davis Porter and John David was my great Grandparents

    • Sollie,
      I’m researching some Yellings. In the 1940s Census, I just found Henderson Yelling living in Yelling Ville Settlement in Daphe, Baldwin County, Alabama. There are Davis families, along with Bolars, also living in the Yelling Ville Settlement.
      Hope this helps!

  14. Roseann Hogan said

    I’m loving these notes! Unfortunately,not the family I’m after. Thanks for starting this off guys!

    Researching these families:


    are the names I know at this time. In Barbour County. later in Dale County. There seems to be a mix of the early ones born in SC and VA, so am trying to explore the early slave holders and their migrations too.

    Hope there’s someone out there!

  15. Roseann Hogan said


    I have found a mss with some slave names in them– anyone with connections, love to hear from you. these are from Cowikee plantations owned by DENT. Spellings shown as found. If you know or think you know of things people after emancipation, would like to know. thanks!

    Bash (sic)
    John OBryan
    Johns (sic)

  16. Emily said

    Thanks for sharing. I only recognize a Rebecca

  17. Rosemary Pleasent said

    Hello all- Do anyone on here have kin from Sumter County Ala. at Livington Ala. i am looking for the surname ”Samuel” these are my kin i found them in the censuses, Simon and Lizzie Samuel with a son Mat and three daughters. Mat was my mother’s father, found this out only thur censuses. Sometime before 1900 they moved to the Mississippi Delta and left kin back in Livington. One mistake i made didn’t mean Simon i meant ”Moses” these was my grandmother’s inlaws she married there son. They are on the 1880 census in Bolivar County Ms. in the Ms.Delta. Mat’s sisters are Caroline, Mary, and Lourinda. Rosemary Samuel Riley Pleasent

  18. Tory Battle said

    I am a descendent of Rebecca Comer. She might be my down the line grandmother or aunt. I have went to our Family reunion over 10 years ago. My grandfather is name James Comer (died) and he have 3 other siblings but 2 are still alive. One stay in Hurtsboro, AL and other lives in calfifornia. Trying to gey connected with other family members.

  19. Tory Battle said

    I talked to my great aunt and she told me her grandfather was name Jim Comer and that was one of Rebecca Comer’s sons. I would like to get to know my family. We are not having a family reunion this year but possibility next year.

  20. Isa Mujahid said

    My name is Isaiah Evans My grandmother name Was Mery Bell Mitchell, Her parents names were Benjamin and Mariah their oldest son was born in 1876 his name was Henry Mitchell this that his parents must have been born into slavery They were born in Bakerhill but moved to Eufaula. Mary Bell married a Williams, then My grand father John Henry Evans . My father was Henry . Wew grew up on Westen Hights. If you have any info give me a shootout . My e-mail is mujahidisa9@gmail.com.

  21. Hello! My maiden name is Rosie Alice Dennard. I would like to find some of my family members in the Eufaula/Comer/Hurtsboro areas. My father’s family are the Dennards. He was born in 1909 in Hurtsboro and raised in Comer. He moved to Eufaula as an adult and is buried in Comer at Galilee Baptist Church. My grand father was Columbus Dennard. My Grand mother was Rosie Dennard. My great grand mother was Ann Dennard. That’s all I know. I really want to trace my family roots and this is were I started. Any information that you can give me would be most helpful.

    • E. Davis said

      Rosie…I have a marriage record book for Barbour County/Eufaula and it shows an Anna Dennard married a Son McClendon on 9/22/1906. It lists Columbus Dennard (one “n”) married Hattie Streater on 12/20/1922. There are many Dennards (Denard) in the book. If you send me your email address I will scan and mail the list to you. Good luck on your ancestral journey…Emily

    • E. Davis said

      Rosie..I also show that columbus Dennard married a Lottie McCall 12/24/1919. I don’t know if these are your relatives or not.

      • E. Davis said

        1910 Springhill AL Census show a Columbus Denard with wife Rose,both 24 years, married 6 years w/a son Don 4

      • Rosie Dennard Walker said

        Thank you so much. I don’t think these are my people, but again, i won’t dispute it. This my be something that is in the blank spots between what I know and don’t know. My grandmother, Rosie died sometime while my father was a small child. My daddy, Leroy Dennard, who was the son of Columbus and Rosie also had a son named Columbus Dennard, Jr. My dad was born in 1909 in Hurtsboro, Al. Soon afterwards, they relocated to comer. I plan to go in on this full force during the summer of 2013. I will definitely hae to make a trip to the local courthouse to see what i can dig up. Thanks for your reply.

    • Latoria Battle said

      We could be kin also. We had a family reunion a while back Dennard-Comer reunion in FL. I can ask my 2 great-Aunts and my cousin about the Dennards. Hopefully she can give me some names.

  22. emily2 said

    Hi Rosie.Thanks for posting your query. I recommend you begin your search in the Census records on familysearch.com which are free at this time. Next, I recommend you begin to talk with family members to begin to put together your history which may lead you to other documents i.e. social security death index, some marriage/death records online etc. However, nothing can be more helpful than a visit to the local court house in the area you are researching. Good luck on your genealogy journey.

  23. Charles Anthony Smith said

    My name is Charles Anthony Smith and I am researching Frank Dudley Smith, b 12-30-1895/6 in an area called Three Knots in Union Springs Alabama. His parents were Frank Andrew Smith and Mattie/Mollie Haynes. Unable to locate the family in 1900 US Census. A 2005 trip to Bullock County Courthouse didn’t reveal any info.There is a hint that he may be in Midway in 1910 but I can’t confirm it. Ilocate him in the 1930 US Census in New Jersey and he indicates both his parents were born in Alabama. I would appreciate suggestions on where to look further. I am going back to Union Springs in Jan 2014 to dig deeper.


    Emily I am not the brother who made the presentation in DC



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