From Eufaula, Alabama to Liberia

On 14 May 1868 the ship Golconda set sail from Savannah, Georgia.  Onboard were 39 Eufaula residents heading for Bexley, Grand Bassa County, Liberia.   According to letters received by the American Colonization Society (ACS), there were hundreds of African Americans from the Eufaula area requesting passage to Africa.  Below is a transcribed list of Eufaula emigrants originally published by the ACS in The African Repository.

Nos., Name. , Age., Occupation, Education., Religion.

  • 255, Willis Fort, 36, Carpenter, R&W,

  • 256, Paulina Fort, 42, , R&W, Methodist

  • 257, Wiley Fort, 19, Farmer, ,

  • 258, Catherine Fort, 12, , Read,

  • 259, Charles Fort, 9, , ,

  • 260, Harriet Bludworth, 23, , Read, Methodist

  • 261, William M. Rhodes, 20, Barber, R&W,

  • 262, Gilbert Hall, 67, Blacksmith, , Methodist

  • 263, Emily Hall, 27, , , Methodist

  • 264, Allen Hall, 1, , ,

  • 265, Jordan Hall, 33, Shoemaker, , Methodist

  • 266, Gilbert Hall, 38, Shoemaker, Read, Methodist

  • 267, Cecilia Hall, 33, , R&W, Methodist

  • 268, Fillmore Hall, 18, , R&W,

  • 269, Reece Ann Hall, 14, , Read,

  • 270, Ferguson Hall, 12, , ,

  • 271, Macon Hall, 6, , ,

  • 272, Gilbert Hall, 4, , ,

  • 273, Adeline Hall, 2, , ,

  • 274, Maria Hall, 2 mos, , ,

  • 275, Sandy Hall, 24, Blacksmith, R&W,

  • 276, Caroline Hall, 26, , R&W,

  • 277, Hannah Hall, 28, , , Methodist

  • 278, Isaac Hall, 37, Minister, R&W, Methodist

  • 279, Ellen Hall, 27, , , Methodist

  • 280, Isaiah Hall, 7, , ,

  • 281, Margaret Hall, 6, , ,

  • 282, Samuel Hall, 3, , ,

  • 283, Isaac Jr Hall, 4 mos, , ,

  • 284, Frank Junior, 27, Farmer, ,

  • 285, Frances Junior, 26, , ,

  • 286, Amanda Junior, 11, , ,

  • 287, Frances Junior, 6, , ,

  • 288, Essick Junior, 5, , ,

  • 289, Alice Junior, 9 mos, , ,

  • 290, Archibald Brown, 32, Farmer, , Methodist

  • 291, Millie Brown, 30, , , Methodist

  • 292, Squire Brown, 12, , ,

  • 293, Oscar Brown, 7, , ,

Source: American Colonization Society, The African Repository, {Washington: Colonization Society Building, 1868).  Volume XLIV-1868:178-79: digital image, Google Book Search, ( :accessed 28 June 2006)



  1. Al said

    I was born in Liberia, West Africa. Thanks for making this information public for those of us trying to connect the dots. Could you please advise me on finding emmigration records on the Kings from Malcolm, GA or there abouts that went to Bassa, Liberia post 1852. They established a town called Kingstown in Bassa. My dad who was born in 1919 also told me that his maternal grandparents Lewis and Laura Marks emmigrated to Liberia with their son Lewis Jr. and daughter Laura. They also settled in Bassa. Any assistance is appreciated.


    A. D. King

    • The link shown above is to a free online database with information on 15,000+ African-American emigrants to Liberia, 1820-1904. It should prove helpful to genealogists and scholars interested in the links between societies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

      • A. King said

        Someone highjacked your database.

    • A. D. King said

      Thanks a bunch. I was able to find the Kings in “The African Repository” They hailed from Marion, Ga and left by way of Savannah on May 14, 1868 for Bexley, Grand Bassa. Should be interesting to find out the plantation they lived on and if any relatives stayed behind. Appreciate any assistance.

  2. I am not an expert in US emigration to Liberia, but I do know of a couple of internet sources. First go to google books and search for “The African Repository” the journal of the American Colonization. Then do a search within the book for Malcolm, GA and your surname. You will have a full view of these text as they are in the public domain. The other source is Christine’s Genealogy Website at Unfortunately this sit appears to be down at this time. I learned about this information via the Immigration ships transcriber’s guild. The have links to passengers lists online. They are at

  3. James T. Forte, Jr. said

    This is a piece of information that I have searched for many, many years to no avail. I really wanted to know which ship took my great grand father/mother to Liberia; and, when. Through these articles, I now know that my great grand father–Wiley Henderson Forte, and his future wife Reece Ann Hall travelled from Eafaula, AL in 1868. I also know that patriach Wiley H. Forte left Bexley, and founded his own settlment, which he named Fortsville. It is in that precint that I was born some years ago.
    It is my hope that other families will be able to trace thgeir roots; as, we have done. Thanks to gogglebooks.

    • Denise Christian said


      I am searching ancestral roots of Birdia FORTE 11/25/1919 – 05/05/1959 who was born in Eufaula, her parents were John and Harriet FORTE. I can find no information.
      Do you recognize these names? Do you have a tree started that I can view on the web?
      I am searching the family tree for my very good friend as a Christmas present to her, I hoped to find some family members to put her in touch with.
      I would really appreciate ANYTHING you have to offer even if you don’t recognize the names.
      Thank you sooo much.

    • othnieldf said

      Uncle JT we miss you and yes, this is important information for us as a family.

  4. Michelle Forte said

    I am researching my Forte (Forte’) family tree. I don’t know if I am a descendent of Afro-Cuban slaves brought in Mobile, Alabama (after 1843 empancipation whites still got slaves from Cuba, Brazil, and West Indies) and my people may have escape or left Mobile went East. Or, I am a descendent of Spanish, Portuguese or French Creole slaveholders/hunters who had taken slaves with them from West Africa and/or West Indies. Or, I am a direct descendant of West Africans (Yoruba or Dahomey) who were snuck into Alabama as slaves even after the emancipation.

    Last year, I stumbled a thesis from one of the universities in Georgia regarding Golconda (or Golgonda) ship. Currently, I cannot get an answer the correct spelling of our last name (slave surname Forte or Forte’ or Fort or Ford). I was raised to pronounce For-ta (Forte’). My parents are from Eufaula, Alabama. I am first generation North “city-fied”. I am interested in finding out more about what happened to my great-great-great uncle Willis Fort and his family in Liberia. I have a number of uncles and great-uncles named Willis.

    This is good information.

    • Denise Christian said


      I am searching ancestral roots of Birdia FORTE 11/25/1919 – 05/05/1959 who was born in Eufaula, her parents were John and Harriet FORTE. I can find no information.
      Do you recognize these names? Do you have a tree started that I can view on the web?
      I am searching the family tree for my very good friend as a Christmas present to her, I hoped to find some family members to put her in touch with.
      I would really appreciate ANYTHING you have to offer even if you don’t recognize the names.
      Thank you sooo much.

  5. jarsea burphy said

    Hello there! Wow! My great grand father was on the Golconda, Macon hall and settled in Grand Bassa in a aettlement named Fortesville after the Forte family who also came on the ship. The two famlies were later intermarried. The Hall maiden names continue in my family today which is confirmation of our lineage. My mother was Ella Hall she passed away in 2004 at age 78 here in the U.S. her younger sister Hannah Hall and Anna Hall are still alive also in the U.S. I know of some Fortes (pronounced Forts) from Fortesville. I think this is great news for you, email me at good luck!

    My question is, incase you can help, where was the plantation the Halls worked on to get their name.

  6. annette said

    Hello! I’m trying to find out what plantation my family (Tate Family) is from in eufaula al

    • Marvoyee said

      I am a Tate from Liberia, West Africa. I knew from reseach that Tate is not a very common name amongs African/African American. My family settled in Grand Bassa/Rivercess County in Liberia. If Alabama was their place of origin, I will really love to connect the dots.

  7. Rosemary Pleasent said

    Is there anybody here who recognize the surname Samuel they are located in Livington,Ala. in Sumter County, they are on the 1870 and 1880 censuses,the Samuels on the1880 census moved to Bolivar County in Ms. sometime after 1880 the husband and wife with one son and three daughters moved to a area called Corcordia in the Ms. delta near Alligator, Ms.The Samuels on the 1870 census, this is the only census they show up on. But they are kin to the ones who moved to Mississippi. That son on the 1880 was my mother’s father his name was Mat Samuel and his parents was Moses and Lizzie Samuel. It’s sad, and then happiness that i found all this after the older head is gone and i can’t ask them. If anyone know the living family in Livington, Ala. and Sumter County please reply. Thanks, Rosemary Samuel Riley Pleasent p.s. we are a african american family who has only known thur censuses we have roots in Ala. i meant only recently.

  8. B J of CHAFEs Ministries said

    March 24, 2011

    Do You know anything about the book Going Home Going South, written by a Indian author of as in Asia India, concerning the migration of a African American family of Stafords, on the best seller best on the Civil Rights stores of the sixties. Please answer.

    B J of CHAFES Ministries

  9. Janice Garrett-Forte said

    My husband is Leavy Forte III from Birmingham, Alabama. His fore- fathers were Washington, born 12-1843, Caze, born 1-1838, and Preston, born 9-1847. My husbands family streams from Preston side of the family.

    We are living in San Jose, California. I was excited to see the research you have done! I also found the info about Willis migrating to Liberia on the Golconda in 1868. Please contact for info she’s gotton from the Library of Congress.

    Leavy and Janice forte

  10. Fannie Harris said


    I am Fannie Forte Harris. My paternal grand father is Willis Forte from Eufaaula, Al. I’ve done some research at National Archives on Forte family in Alabama. Cousin Leavy and Janice Forte in San Jose have shared information regarding possibility of Fort/e family from Eufaula, Al going to Liberia. Would lve to know more. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Fannie Forte Harris, Atlanta, GA

    • CHAFES Prayer and Gift Ministry said

      You could have information on your family going back to Liberia.

  11. Teena said

    I am Teena Forte Baker, my grandparents resided in Cordova Alabama. I have no information rearding the Forte family however I am interested in knowing, my dad’s name is Leodius (Deceased 1987), his mother remarried and became Bobbie Vinzant. Any information would greatly be appreciaed.

  12. Hello, I don’t know if this is an active thread, but my company is working on a television documentary focused on Columbus GA/Eufaula AL emigrants to Liberia in the 1860s. We are in communication with Fort/Forte and Hall family members in Liberia. We are also interested in locating descendants of both Fort and Hall families that stayed in Alabama, or any other families for that matter who have historic associations with Liberian emigrants from these areas. Much more info, including an inventory of all known emigrants from these areas, as well as contact info on our website: Also on Facebook under Azilia Films

    • Janice Garrett-Forte said

      Please contact Fannie Harris at She may be able to help you with the Fort(Forte) connection to family members who sailed to Liberia in 1868. There is also a connection with the Tate family who also migrated to Liberia. A Tate female family member married into the Forte family. I believe both were from Eufaula, Alabama.

  13. Vincent Fort said


    Would love to talk to you. Just attended family reunion which included Forts from midwest, east coat, etc., all descended from Eufaula Forts many born in Eufaula/Pittsview. Please contact me at

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