Coosa County Orphans Court Records (ca. 1842- ca. 1853)

This section will include inventories of slaves, etc. found in the  Coosa County orphans court records:  Some of the names were hard to read and the best translation was used, however all records can be viewed on microfilm at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery,
Alabama or the original books at the Coosa County Court House.
  Records of accounts in the Orphans Court of Coosa County Alabama, Lettered F  & Numbered 4. (ca.1842- ca.1853)

  • The following is a Bill of Appraisements of goods chattels and effects of the Estate of Robert W Smith late ofCoosa
    County dec[esed]:

1          Negro Man named Isaac     $   550

1          Woman named Dysy                400

1          Woman Named Milly               450

1          Negro Girl Named Caroline      200

1          Negro Boy Named Joe            600

Page 36-37,  4 July 1843  

  • Appraisements of Estate of Robert Martin De[cesed] Continue

1          Negro Boy Named Richard  $  275 

Page 47, 11 December 1843

  • Return of sale made our the 1st Monday in April 1843 of one Negro girl about 9 or 10 years old Named Linda belonging to the Estate of D K Smith decd- Malcome Smith being the highest bidder purchased said girl for Two hundred & fifty seven dollars – the 19th April 1843.

Page 48, 19 apirl 1843

  • Appraisment of the personal property belonging to the estate of Robert Harda:

1      Negro Man named Adam 75 years old—$            $   100

1      Negro Man named Frida 65 years old                        100

1      Negro Man named Sam 50 years old                           100

1      Negro Woman named Charity                               nothing

1      Negro Woman named Pleasant 50 years old               100

1      Negro Woman named Moning  45 years old                325

1      Negro Woman named Caroline 30 years old                400

1      Negro Woman named Viney 30 years old                    450

1      Negro Woman named Hanna 25 years old                   500

1      Negro Woman named L Charity 25 years old               500

1      Negro Man named Jefferson 30 years old                    750

1      Negro Man named Nelson 25 years old                       700

1      Negro Man  named Rie 32 years old                           700

1      Negro Man named Spencer 30 years old                 nothing  

1      Negro Girl named Juley 11 years old                           350

1     Negro Gil name Martha 10 years old                           350    

1     Negro      


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  1. Lisa Ross said

    Looking for my ancestors. Family name Delony and possibly Brashear. Census records led me to Barbour County, AL. I can’t find any records prior to 1870 as for most African American families we are lost on the slave schedules.

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