Craddocks Buried at Sandville Church

Up on a hill, off Route 431, in Barbour County, AL, there is a beautiful church called Sandville Baptist Church.  The grounds of the church and gravesite are immaculately kept.  During my first visit to this location I met the man on the mower, the one who takes care of the final resting place our ancestors.  Ever-busy cousin Lannie Stanford, almost went undetected, as his brother Earl walked me around genealogical heaven. 

Finally I was visiting the folks on the census and death records which I collected.  Here they are in real life.  At one time they walked these grounds and worship in church.  At one time family gathered to say goodbye. 

I hopped from one grave to the next, greeting collateral ancestors.  Then I regained my focus, and asked for the locations of my direct ancestors.  The graves located closest to the woods, or the back of the church were mostly Stanford’s.  When we stood at the feet of Will Stanford (1878-1938), my 2x great grand father, the first thing I said was, Hey Will, how did you get and maintain 158 acres of land?  Maybe I should have asked who his great grand parents were. Duh. 

Then we visited his daughter Lucile Stanford Daniels (1901-1928).  This was a quieter moment.  I imagined my grandmother standing in this spot.  Then I paused, because she would have been too young to walk when she lost her mother.  My question to Lucile was, “why were you in Florida.”  According to the death record, her fatal illness, pellagra, began in Florida.  

The first wife of Will Stanford, Pearl Frazier Stanford, was buried at Searcy Hospital, according to the death certificate.  The parents of Will, Green Stanford and Cherley Craddock were not located.  Cousin Lannie states that they may be in the very old unmarked graves.  These graves are in the front on the wood-side. (Yes her name is Cherley.  I too thought that is was a census error, but her marriage records shows the same name.  Maybe the census taker and county clerk were the same person.)

Two additional direct ancestors buried at Sandville are part of the Craddock family. Currently, there are six burials with the Craddock surname.  They are listed below. Cherley Craddock Stanford’s parents, Wesley and Pollie Craddock are buried in the front and center of the cemetery.  Two of her siblings Ed and John are buried closer to Rt. 431.  Roy and Hattie Craddock were married, but their connection to the others is unknown.


List of Craddocks Buried at Sandville Church 

  • Craddock, Wesley
    • Birth: 18?3
    • Death: 1912
    • Inscription: Wesley Craddock, Born-18?3, Died-??R 19, 1912, He was a member of S.D.C. – BSB;
    • Area: Wood-side; Row:
  • Craddock, Pollie
    • Birth: 18?0
    • Death: 1914
    • Inscription: Pollie Craddock, Feb 10, 18?0, Aug 14, 1914; 
    • Area: Wood-side; Row:
  • Craddock, Ed
    • Birth: 1880
    • Death: 1965;
    • Inscription: Ed Craddock, B-10 10 1880, D  5  25 1965;
    • Area: Wood-side; Row: 1
  • Craddock, John
    • Birth: 1865
    • Death: 1949
    • Inscription: John Craddock, May ? 1865, Aug 8 1949
    • Area: Wood-side' Row: 1
  • Craddock, Hattie
    • Birth: 1887
    • Death: 1952
    • Inscription: Hattie Craddock, 1887-1952
    • Area: Street-side; Row: 4
  • Craddock, Roy
    • Birth: 1897 Death: 1949
    • Inscription: Roy Craddock, 1897-1949
    • Area: Street-side; Row: 4





  1. very nice blog!mary

  2. Marilyn said


    Sandville Baptist Church is where MY maternal ancestors are buried as well. I am part of the Powell-Edwards family of Eufaula Alabama, descendants of Cuffie Powell and Ellen Edwards of Virginia. I am interested in finding the documentation of their life from Virginia to Alabama (Alexander Plantation in Barbour County).

    We have many Standfords (and Jordans) in our family. As a matter of fact, we go to the Standford-Dennis Family Reunion as well as the Powell-Edwards Family Reunion.

    Thank you for your blog.


  3. Marilyn said

    The Powell-Edwards Family Reunion is being held on Memorial Day Weekend in Eufuala, Alabama. May 2008.

  4. Frank Craddock said

    Hello My name Frank Craddock, I live in Jonesboro, Georgia. My grandparents were Roy and Hattie Craddock. Does any one know if Wesley and Pollie Craddock is related to Roy and Hattie Craddock? Also are Roy and Hattie Craddock related to the Stanford’s?

    Thank You for your response.

    • Rita said

      I this ms hattie was married to mr will stanford

  5. chastidy craddock said

    hello i am from rochester,ny my grandfather willie f craddock sr passed away about a year ago and so i was just interested in finding out more information about family history. My grandfather does hae siblings that are still residing in eufaula alabama who we do keep in contact with; but if you have any additional information about the craddock family i would love to hear from you!

  6. Hello my name Bobby Craddock,I live in Windsor Ct,Roy and Hattie were my Grandparents,Hattie was a Davis,if you have any info would luv hear from you. Hattie has relavtive in Neward N.J.

  7. R ;Napper said

    My name is Redell, my grandparents Jesse and Lizzie Stanford and my oldest brother are buried at Sandville Church. Uncles, aunts, cousins still attend there. I grew up going down South from Ohio every year. I love my Alabama roots and Family.

  8. I love my Alabama roots I grew up in New Jersey with my parents Betty and Mack Stanford in Enlgewood and Teaneck, New Jersey, as well as the children of Fred and Elmira Stanford my aunt and uncle. But, is real strange is I also grew up next to Mr. and Mr. Craddock from VA, and after Ms. Craddocked passed Mr. Craddock moved back to VA. Well what stood out the most about them was when my father passed and ast times when father was sick Mr. Craddock would come over as old as
    as he was and even though he was tired, to assist in keeping the yard, yet this is the first time I have ever heard of the Stanford’s and the Craddocks bring related. It may to be as friendly to others as you would have them be to you, because the very person you are friendly with, just may end up being a relative if they except you and find your worth having as related. For Lonnie Stanford is of Eufaula, AL and his family are my cousins and his brothers us to come up to visit my father, and our Uncles in the New Jersey, New York,Connecticut , Ohio area of the east cost all most every year or ever other years, and this year August 2015 we celebrated our 5oth Dennis Stanford Family Reunion. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed this story. This has been a real answer to prayer and I would like to know more if any online relative or person of Alabama Geneology in Color. Marantha ( Jesus is coming again)!
    B. J. Stanford
    CHAFES Prayer Ministries

    • Portia S. Dickens said

      I am presently doing some research regarding Lannie Stanford. Do he have a conscious? I am the oldest daughter Portia Sereen Davis Dickens of Lovie Sereen Stanford Davis who died in April of !992. While you where enjoy the the Family Reunion Lannie had me and other cousins by the name of Stephaine Felder (Blake Stanford grand-daughter), Brenda Stanford and her sister and two brothers (which are Charles Stanford Jr,, children) have been in court for over a year with Lannie using legal procedures to gain our property inheritance. I known in my heart of heart our Grandfather did not ascertain over 374 Acres estimation for Lannie Stanford to have it all when so many of us are living in low income housing, some of us homeless and destitute. I personally do not understand the greed and power control Lannie has displayed as a family member. How can a man say that he love God and he mistreats his brother. Jesus is definitely coming again but in the meantime is there any member of this family that can help seven grandchildren maintain our property inheritance. IF so please contact me at There are some of us that love to retired and live there. Thank you!!!!!! Ms. Portia S. Dickens

  9. Jessica Bean said

    I spent many summer sunday’s at this church. It’s where both of my grandparents are buried. Roy and Rosie Stanford.

  10. Rhonda wade said

    Hi, my name is Rhonda and I’m trying to find out information about Wesley and Pollie Craddock. They were my 3rd great-grandparents and I’m trying to find out more info about them when they were in North Carolina and maybe name of parents. Please contact me if anyone has any information at

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