1870 Barbour County Dream Couples

My Alabama ancestry is deeply rooted in Barbour County, Alabama. Using census records I have traced these families to the 1870. As an African American researcher, getting over the 1870 wall is a daunting task. This is especially difficult without oral histories. But perservere we must.

Below are my 1870 dream couples. They are the couples that held it together, as slaves and as freed people I call them my dream couples because, if I could interview any group of people, living or dead, this would be my dream team. Often I wonder what they were like, their outlook on life, their dreams for their children, and so much more.

In my dream, as soon as they took their seats in the circle of chairs that I arranged for them, my first question would be, who were your slave owners. The next question would either be, who are your parents or do you have any history of your African past. I would hit them with the biggies first, as I do not know how long this dream would last. The alarm clock may awaken me or something and my chance would be blown.

I would like to introduce them to you. The age and birth information is from the 1870 census. Future posts will include more information on the couples and their descendants. God willing I will someday find their ancestors.

  • William Stanford and Kittie
    • He is a 50 years old and born in SC
    • She is 41 years old and born in SC
    • William Stanford household, 1870 US Census, Barbour County, Alabama, population schedule, Township 11, Range 26, Eufaula post office, page 175 (455), dwelling 1478, family 1522, National Archives Publication M593, roll 2.
  • Howard Daniels and Martha Jackson
    • They are both age 48 and born in GA
    • Howard Daniels household, 1870 US Census, Barbour County, Alabama, population schedule, Township 9, Range 28, Eufaula post office, page 20, dwelling 148, family 154, National Archives Publication M593, roll 2.

  • Wesley Craddock and Polly
    • They are both age 25 and born in NC
    • Wesley Craddock household, 1870 US Census, Barbour County, Alabama, population schedule, Township 9, Range 28, Eufaula post office, page 24, dwelling 179, family 187, National Archives Publication M593, roll 2.

  • Charles Hart and Elizabeth Burling
    • He is age 55 and born in SC.
    • She is age 40 and born in MD.
    • Charles Hart household, 1870 US Census, Barbour County, Alabama, population schedule, Township 11, Range 28, Eufaula post office, page 127 (123), dwelling 1054, family 1098, National Archives Publication M593, roll 2.


  1. […] I am a descendant of Green Stanford, who I will write about at another time. My goal was to discuss what I know about a member of my 1870 Barbour County Dream Couples. LINK   Additionally I was taking my first stab at writing a narrative.  Instead, what I did was attempt to flesh out a narrative in a bloggy sort of way.  I have learned plenty.  Now I have an item to add to my “To Do” list when I visit Alabama in June.  Also, I know that I am a great distance away from writing a true narrative lineage.  […]

    • Linda said

      wow, I am a member of the Fulton tribe, I’ve traced my family heritage to Barbour, AL in the 1870 census. Not very much information after, but still searching. LT@ATCFL.ORG

      • BJ Stanford of CHAFES Ministries facebook said

        Keep searching, and do not stop searching untill you find what your looking for, putting God first ask Him to assist you, and allow you to find what you did when you need it and if God wants you to find what you looking for He will give it to you in His own time.

  2. Roger Burlong said

    The Burlong name originates from Northen France. My part of the family came to England in 1066 as part of the Norman invasion.

    There are parts of the family in England, France, Australia, Canada and of course the USA.

    From what I have researched it seems that some Burlongs fought in the French Indian wars. There are also records of Burlongs fighting for the Confederacy in the American Civil War.

    There is a town in Australia called Burlong Pool.

    The Burlong name has a coat of arms. Two yellow chevrons on a black background.

  3. Carolyn Wilkins said

    Greetings, fellow searchers!

    I am so excited to read your ancestor stories. I have recently learned that my g-g-g-grandfather Jacob “Jake” Pruett was born a slave in Midway, AL in January of 1824 or 25. He was a slave on the plantation of James Madison Pruett in Barbour Alabama.

    On November 26 1865, Jacob married Julian Ann Bennett. This couple had 6 children: Alvin , Budie, Caroline, Noah, Lawson and Anderson.

    My Great Grandmother Lillie Pruett is the child of Noah Pruett and Georgia Hall. She married Richard King, the son of David King of Union Springs in Midway during November of 1896. I know Lillie was a huge Methodist, so I am guessing that her family may have been members of the CME church there.

    If these names ring a bell with anyone, I would love to hear from you. I am so excited to be finding out about my ancestors at last! For years I had no clue about anyone beyond my grandparents. Only through the services of a wonderful professional researcher have I gotten this far.

    Carolyn Wilkins

  4. Carolyn Wilkins said

    A small correction on my earlier post – Jacob’s wife was names JULIA ANN BENNETT, not Julian.

  5. Rhonda wade said

    I am also looking for info on Wesley Craddock n Polly. My great great grandmother was their daughter

    • Christa Lee said

      Descendants of Wesley Craddock and Polly. Please contact me
      Found information at The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH

  6. BJ Stanford facbook\BJStanford said

    The young man who write about his cousin Lonnie Stanford and find relations at the church growns talked about Will and Green Stanford but said nothing about Hattie Stanford, I have a copy of that same picture my grandparents where Will and Hattie Stanford according to the web they were married and I have great resentment that life be it my fault or not did not allow me to know my grandmother and so I would like to know more but I do not understand how you got all the information you found, just from the census report. Youn man you talk about your African Amercian side but I heard the people of Eufaula, AL where part American Indian. I sure would like to know which Will and Green Stanford your talking about because I found that same picture of Grandpa Green no Stanford Weg page, so how did you find it on the internet. Wish we could talk in person. BJ Stanford.

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